Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sassy v Byzzy 600AD ish

Period: Ancients (books 2 & 3), Rules: DBMM, Players: Sassanid Persians - Guy and Robin, Early Byzantines - Ian and Adrian. Held on: 15th Feb 2010.

Right from the off I realised we were in trouble. My all-Cavalry left wing outnumbered nearly 2:1 in numbers and more than 2:1 in grading factor! All Cavalry led by Robin.

In the centre, I had arrayed my Blades and Bows which were opposed by Elephants and Auxilia.

On my right, Adrians command (a mirror image of my right) faced Hordes defending a hill and Light Horse on their far left.

The lines closed, but as my left and Robin's commands engaged, the rest of my army struggled to move ahead at speed. We held out as long as possible against their massed cavalry command, taking them close to disheartened status.

But it was densinted not to be a Byzantine victory. We were soundly thrashed. Although Adrian did manage to break the stoic Jewish Hordes on the hill. Oy-Vey.

A group of Byzantine rebels have sworn revenge and have joined Rupe's Moorish forces ready for his assault on Guy's Sassy-Nids.

Words by Ian.
Photo by Ian.

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