Friday, 5 February 2010

Russian Civil War 1917

Period: Russian Civil Wae, Scale: 28mm, Rules: Red Actions by The Perfect Captain.

Duiring the Russian Civil War following the their Revolution in 1917. A force of Red Russians spotted an aeroplane. It landed not far away so they closed in to investigate. They immdiately encountered stiff resistance from the White Russians deployed upon a hill, who had also seen the aeroplane and set up a machine gun inbtween the plane and the Reds. The Machine gun was flanked on either side by an infantry unit dug into cover.

The Reds pressed forward in two flanking movements left and right and manged with some good shooting to cause the Machinegunners to dive for further cover. Thus allowing the Reds to advance these advances were held up by the White infantry untill the arrival of the Reds cavalry unit which performed a wider flanking action on the White Russians left wing.

At the appearance of the Red Russian Cavalry the pilot of the plane finished his cup of tea and started meandering towards his plane. Inspite of pressing hard the Red Russians were repulsed or held on both flanks, permitting the pilot to take off into the skies.

Words: Robin.
Photos: Ian

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