Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Polish v Hungarian 1st Feb 2010

Field of Glory Later Polish v Mid Hungarian 900 pts 1st Feb 2010

Outnumbered and hampered from the start by cultivated fields, the Poles nevertheless advanced on a wide front (which ultimately proved their downfall.

Their knights on the left flank never got to their intended targets, being hassled by horse archers and then routed by a timely flank charge which heralded the end of the game. The town militia on the right, Supported by cavalry and hussars, held out for longer that expected as enemy light horse managed to get around their rear.

Interesting game; some amusing incidents hither and thither, but on the whole not really a game I fancy playing on a regular basis.

Once again, sorry about the poor quality of the photos.

Words by Ian
Photos by Ian

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