Tuesday, 9 February 2010

America vs Germany 1944

Period: WW2, Rules: Blitzkrieg Commander II, Players: German - Black Bob & Colin, American - Steve & Ian, Umpire - Chris. Held on: 8th Feb 2010.

An encounter battle between German and American forces, somewhere in the industrial heartland of Germany…

Our objectives were the two hills and the built-up urban area.

Thinks started off badly for us Yanks as the Tigers knocked out two of our Sherman’s and suppressed another three - on his first movement roll.!! But we struggled on for control of the far right hill against conscript troops. Our remaining tanks of the right acting as a deterrent to further Tiger advances.

The other hill was ours without opposition, and conversely, the Krauts took the civilian area.

On our left, our tank destroyers raced over the open ground and engaged Panthers with near total success. Palls of smoke on the horizon, testament to the marksmanship of the gunners.

We tried to wheedle out the infantry on Hill 1 using artillery and infantry, with little / no success. Late on, we had more success against the Tigers, but failed to KO any of them. In the end, we had to concede Hill 1 and thus lost the game by a whisker.

A fun game; cut and thrust all the way. Notable points: Black Bob rolling double 1’s (good) and double 6’s (bad) all night =)

Words: Ian
Photos: Ian

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