Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ACW Blog: Part II

As part of an enjoyabke visit to Vapnartak Wargames show in York on the 7th of February 2010.

While at this show we decided expand the American Civil War (ACW) collection of figures. to do this Robin bought 2 packs of ACW infantry and 1 ACW cavalry and Ian bought a ACW infantery pack thus in th club we have 4 infantry and 2 Cavalry packs.

We are proposing to base them on 40 mm frontage by 50 mm depth and use the Piquet (PK) rule set for them. with 3 infantry figures per base we may have 4 figures for battalion command stands. Cavalry will be 2 figures per base.

This will gives 12 infantry battalions and 3 cavalry squadrons each with 4 bases each per unit. Will also have 4 commander figures, 3 union and 1 Confederate.
We propose to split them equally and share the painting between the two sides.

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