Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Swiss v Italisn 25-01-2010

A DBMM bame using Martin and Steve's 15mm Renaissance figures.

The game begins

The Swiss launched an assault in the centre and right wing. Artillery and support were on a hill on the left flank. They faced the Italians with Albanian allies and some Swiss mercenaries.

A push of pike on the right wing.

Once the more agile Italian force got on the Swiss flanks, the massacre began, although the left flank made good progress against the Albanians and two elements of handgunners held up a column of Light Horse.

The End.

Losing more casualties than they caused, the centre and ruight inevitably collapsed.

Italian / Albanian = Steve.
Swiss mercenaries = Adrian
Swiss Centre and Left = Martin
Swiss Right = Ian

Words by Ian
Pics by Ian

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Rupert Clamp said...

now where did that road go?