Wednesday, 20 January 2010

DBMM Battle: Samurai v Timurid 18-01-2010

Samari v Timurid

The report of the following wargame took place on the 18th January 2010, using DBMM rules, 350 points per army and 15mm figures.

After initial Agression and deployment dicing Timur became the invader and after early morning maneoveuring the battle commenced at 11 am ish

The Timurids deployed their mounted forces in two main wings left and right with a weak centre.

The Samari deployed their Horde in front of their central foot command and then two further right and left wing commands of mixed mounted and foot.

As the Samari advanced the Timurid left wing moved further out, and the central command move to the rear of the right wing command. (as per IW's picture)

Combat commenced on the Timurid Right wing with the Stampeding Camels and Elephants have some initial success, however the wyle Samari soon managed to surround both foes and destroyed them. Timur then tried without much success to punch a hole through the Samari's left and central wings but the valiant Samari poured men in from both commands blocking the attempt.

Over on the Timurid Left both forces stood off each other as the Samari had the advantage of the upground and the right wing protected by a wooded area.
Eventually the Timurids charged uphill into the affray which see-sawed up and down as each side battled hard to maintain\ gain any advantage.

In the end actual time caused the game to be drawn to a conclusion after toting up the morale points lost it was agreed to call this a drawn game.

Report by Robin
Photo by Ian (apologies for poor quality)

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