Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fuedal French v Fuedal Spanish

This was the second encounter between the Fuedal French (Robin) and Spanish (Ian) forces this time the spanish were led by El Cid ( a brillant general) played using the DBMM rules set

The Spanish won the agression dice choosing a river, Road, gentle hill (1/2 Fe) and vineyard. The French choose a road, 2FE steep hill, wood and Built up area. The River did not materialise as Ian rolled a 1 & 5. the reat of the features were placed as showen on the fiollowing map along with the initial placings of the commands.
The French first commands consisted of 7 Irregular knights Fast including CinC 4 Irr bow Inferior 2 Irr spear I 4 Irr Psiloi and a Regular artillery Ordinary bolt shooter. The second command consisted of 7 Irr knights F including general, 8 irr Spear I, 2 Irr bow I.

The Spanish first command consisted of El Cid Irr knight F, 7 Irr Psiloi O, 16 Irr Psiloi I, 4 Irr Bow I, 11 Irr Spear I, 2 Irr Blade O, and the cross Bagage Superior. the second command was 7 Irr knights F including general, and 4 Irr cavalry

As the French won the deployment dicing they deployed and moved first. Opening with a 6 knights of the 1st command forming a column of march and making a double move down the road also moving the bolt shooter and archers forward the second command wheel his knights on the right wing to ready his charge towards the Spanish 2nd command.

The Spanish replied by sending the knights of their 2nd command in a column of march down the road to meet the French resulting in the front elements in combat. The French open fire with their bolt shooter at the knight to no effect. But the resulting melee pushed back the Spanish knights.

The French knights expanded their column in the next bound to creat an overlap and brought their other knights forward with a double move to threaten the Spanish flank. After an ineffective round of combats. The Spanish used a brilliant stroke to double their pip points of their first command resulting in a general advance but not sufficient to bring their bows into range. the knights expanded their frontage on either side and their second rank of cavalry advanced to meet the threat of the French knights charging past the woods.
The following French 3rd bound was poor in terms of PIPa but saw the French CinC move into a position to meet the threat of the Spanish Foot along with the advance of 2 spear of the first command. The Knights of the 2nd command went into forward towards the Spanish Cavalry who had halted just out of range. However at this point the French caught sight of the Spanish Ambush behind the hill. This third command consisted of 4 Irr KN F including general and 3 Irr Light Horse O . No Missile fire took place as the their line of site was blocked by the abvancing knights of the second French command. The ensueing combats resulted in various push back on each side. The Spanish PIPs but enough to make 3 march moves with their third command and move some other units into a more threatening position. Again shooting was ineffective or unsighted the French won a melee or two.

Bound four saw the arrival of a French flank march on their left flank the movement of the art and bow towords the the Knights of the second command going into the Spanish 2nd command cavalry. The resulting combats causing losses on the Spanish side. The Spanish moved their 3rd command into a position to block the hole arising from the loss of their cavalry.
Bound 5 saw the arrival of a second French flank march this time on their right. The French moved Spear and bow from both commands to further counter the threat of the Spanish 1st command taking up positions along the road facing hill 1. The melee between the French Knights and the Spanish Cavalry resulted in them being destroyed. The see-sawing melee between the other knights saw an element loss on either side wiped them out causing that command to becoming dishearted. The spear of both the French commands took up postions to counter the Spanish foot.

So with the incoming French flank marches and the loss of the Spanish 2nd command and time as usual passing fast we agreed that the French had sucessfully ousted the Spanish invaders.

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