Thursday, 5 March 2009

ACW Blog: Part I

I got a pack of 28mm scale plastic ACW Infantry from Perry for Christmas and am now getting round to assembling, painting, basing and playing with them.
Here are the contents of the box (the box itself has the painting guide and front artwork cut out and laid underneath); 3 sprues containing various bits and pieces to make 36 infantry figures… and a sheet containing some basic ryules with a couple of flags too.

Roughly three hours or so later, the 36 figures were assembled.
There are three commanders, two standards, one drummer and 30 other troopers.
I am going to buy at least one more pack of Infantry, probably two.

Here are the chappies in undercoated state. You may notice that I started the flesh on a few of them already.

Next step is to arrange them into three-man groups; this would give me 3x12-man units (just right for the rule system I intend to trial them with)...

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