Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Relocation, Relocation.

The Club has relocated to a new venue in the cn=enrte of Huddersfield, next door to Patriot Games on Wood Street.
The rom is large enough to hold three or four separate games.
We tried it out last Monday with a three-a-side DBMM350 battle; Tumurid and Free Company Allies versus Post Mongol Japanese with Mongol Allies.
The game was very closely fought and resulted in a narrow victory to the Japanese.
Anyway, next weeks games are another 350AP game (Early Imperial Rome versus Sarmatia) and an ECW game using a free set of rules from The Perfect Captain (
Reports will follow.

Friday, 13 March 2009

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - The Armies

Fought between Ian and Robin on Friday 13th March 2009.
The armies involved were:

IV/42 Islamic Persian: 1x C-in-C Irr Cv (S), 9x Persian Cavalry Irr Cv (O), 2x Turcoman Irr LH (S), 8x Persian Archers Irr Bw (I), 1x Camp Followers Irr Hd (O) and 2x Camps Irr Bg (I).

IV/66 Later Polish: 1x C-in-C Irr Kn (O), 3x Rycerz Irr Kn (O), 4x Czeladz Irr Cv (O), 2x Axemen Irr Bd (F), 4x Town Militia Crossbows Reg Bw (O), 3x Lithuanian Cavalry Irr LH (O) and 1x Camp Irr Bg (O).

IV/74 Free Company: 1x English C-in-C Irr Kn (S), 4x English Gentlemen Reg Kn (I), 4x English Longbowmen Reg Bw (S), 3x Breton Javelinmen Irr Ps (S) and 2x Camps Irr Bg (O).

IV/75 Timurid: 1x C-in-C Reg Cv (S), 3x Timurid Cavalry Reg Cv (S), 4x Timurid Cavalry Reg Cv (O), 4x Timurid Archers Reg Bw (O), 4x Persian Militia Irr Bw (I) and 1x Camp Irr Bg (I).

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - 1st Semi

Semi-Final #1… Timurid (7) played by Ian vs. Later Polish (3) played by Robin. Fought in Poland; 3x woods.
The Timurid archers pressed strongly down their left flank and slew all in their path while the centre and right held position under a concentrated bow and Light horse attacks. The game ended before the Polish Knights struck a blow.
Lesson learnt: Get the Knights into combat against Cv as soon as possible.
Timurid Set Up:

Later Polish Set Up:

The Final Positions:

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - 2nd Semi

Semi-Final #2… Islamic Persian (3) played by Ian vs. Free Company (7) played by Robin. Fought in Persia; 1x gentle hill and 1x rough going.
The Free Company charged their knights into the massed Persian bow with disastrous effect. Meanwhile the stalwart and skilful English Longbowmen took care of many Persian cavalry. Things were looking well for the Persians until the English C-in-C carved his way through a column of cavalry to force hard a bloody victory.
Lesson learnt: Don’t charge mounted into archers (especially not Bw (S) ).
Islamic Persian Set Up:

Free Company Set Up:

The Final positions:

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - Final

Final… Free Company (9) played by Ian vs. Timurid (1) played by Robin. Fought in Turkey; 2x steep hills.
A tale of woe for Timur’s Inferior bow as they fell and ran to the accurate longbows of the Free Company. His cavalry were caught in the open and chased down by the ‘Gentlemen’. As dusk fell the few survivors drifted away.
Lesson learnt: None really… when Lady Luck deserts you, there isn’t a thing you can do about it.!
Free Company Set Up:

Timurid Set Up:

The Final positions:

All in all a pretty good four hours of DBMM100 goodness…

Thursday, 5 March 2009

ACW Blog: Part I

I got a pack of 28mm scale plastic ACW Infantry from Perry for Christmas and am now getting round to assembling, painting, basing and playing with them.
Here are the contents of the box (the box itself has the painting guide and front artwork cut out and laid underneath); 3 sprues containing various bits and pieces to make 36 infantry figures… and a sheet containing some basic ryules with a couple of flags too.

Roughly three hours or so later, the 36 figures were assembled.
There are three commanders, two standards, one drummer and 30 other troopers.
I am going to buy at least one more pack of Infantry, probably two.

Here are the chappies in undercoated state. You may notice that I started the flesh on a few of them already.

Next step is to arrange them into three-man groups; this would give me 3x12-man units (just right for the rule system I intend to trial them with)...