Sunday, 15 February 2009

6mm Sarmatians - Part II

And here are some of the Cavalry and Knights.
I have run out of bases, so need to order some more to finish this lot off.
I have 1 element of Kn and umpteen Cv to do as yet, but they are actually quick to paint - which is a pleasant surprise as up until recently I was not overly keen on painting horses (in any scale). Now my technique has been finalised, it's much easier.
Obviously they're not as good most (especially Mr Baccus6mm and his chums), but they'll do for me =)

The Cavalry:

The Knights (based in "wedges" for ease of identification):

Final post on this blog will be the full army in all its spleandour...

Warmaster FB: Glade Riders

Here are the eight Glade Riders; Leader, Musician, Standard and 5 warriors. There are a mix of male and female amongst them (as there are with all units by the looks of it. Basic paint job with a few elaborations, simply to get them ready for a fight at some point soon.

The next posting will be the Glade Guard (4 out of 24 done, but they may well take a few weeks to complete) ...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Warhammer FB: Dryads

The Dryads are extensions of the forest of Athel Loren.
They are strong, tough and have multiple attacks.
Unlike the walking trees, they are not overly suceptible to fire attacks (which is surprising as they resemble mobile kindling to me).
Here are the ones from the Battalion box; sealed, undercoated, painted, dippd and based...

Dryads emerge from the trees.!

And there are more.!

Next Blog: The Glade Riders...

Warhammer FB: Wood Elves Battalion

I got a Wood Elves Battalion box and an army book for Christmas on the back of a game I 'ran' for my cousin's hubby and his son.
The box contained millions of parts on sprues.
It took me the best part of a month (between doing other stuff) to assemble them.
There are:
8 Glade Riders (including leader, musician and standard bearer)
12 Dryads (including leader)
24 Glade Guards (including leader, musician and standard bearer).
I am seriously considering getting some metal figures from wherever to act as Lords and Heroes.
Next blog: The Dryads...

Friday, 6 February 2009

Warhammer FB: Introductions

I first encountered Warhammer Fantasy Battle in the early 1980’s while at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, at the Games Workshop store in the city. However, it was only after leaving and subsequently joining a club that I actually played the game.
I played the fantasy battle game (and its sister games) for many years, but as I grew older, I migrated onto the historical scene and dropped WFB like a brick as I came to view it as ‘childish’.
That attitude remained as the game grew in popularity and edition numbers, but of late, a few factors have led be to revisit the game.
Looking for a new fun ‘feel’ to my gaming, I considered the ‘fantasy game genre which is dominated by GW. At the same time, a number of other gamers (old and new) apparently had the same idea and so one thing led to another and I am now the proud owner of a battalion of Wood Elves.!
This Blog series will chart the development of my Wood Elf army; the collecting, painting and performance in battle.
Next blog; The Wood Elf Battalion...