Wednesday, 23 December 2009

New Venue Photos

That's Adrian (standing) and Guy (seated) by the way. They are playing a General de Brigade game.

Wild West

And so another painting project begins!
At some point this year, we hope to play some Wild West skirmish-style games.
Martin provided a load of unpainted figures, of which we all took a selection.
I plumped for the Apache indians (don't know why really - just a spur-of-the-moment thing).
Here are the first three...

Monday, 21 December 2009

New location

We recently found a larger venue with better facilities.

This accomodation provides us sufficient room to play up to 4 games per evening.

So where do we meet now.

We meet at the Visitor Centre, Beaumont Park, Huddersfield, on a Monday evening the facility is available from 6pm till 11pm.

For further details please follow the link to our Yahoo group under genral links at the left handside of this blog.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Last of the Wood Elves...

Another project ended.
I finished off the last of the Wood Elves; 24 Glade Guards including a Leader, Standard Bearer and Musician.
They will be going the way of the other units from the Army Box Set... eBay.! Should raise enough funds to start another project =)


Saturday, 15 August 2009

5mm Sarmatians - Part III

Hello again.

At last, they are finished.!

Here are the Cavalry...

And here is the full army...

That's a total of 3 Generals, 6 Knights, 10 Cavalry, 2 Light Horse and 6 Psiloi.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hyborian Conquests III

Hyborian Conquests III is to be my latest on-going project, and hopefully my best.

Basically, it will be a fantasy wargame campaign set in the world created by Robert Erwin Howard to host the many stories featuring the legendary hero Conan the Barbarian.

My game will be mainly military (employing strategy and tactics), with a rudimentary civil governing element too. The players represent the leaders of armies; the intricacies of government policies being left up to a non-player national leadership (civilian issues will mostly be randomly generated).

My initial plan is to:

1. Locate / Create a simple, fast-play strategy campaign system. Should include map movement by Province, simple income and loyalty ratings.
2. Decide on a good tactical wargame system. Currently looking at Principles of War - a Regimental scale game.
3. Draw up a Game Map. There are some good sources on the internet from which I can build up my own unique version.
4. Locate, acquire and paint the figures. Looking at Pendraken 10mm, 10 infantry or 5 cavalry.
5. Assemble all necessary buildings and terrain.

These items will not necessarily be dealt with in the above order.

Cheers for now

Friday, 26 June 2009

New Location

We've now been using our new location at Patroit Games, Wood Street, Huddersfield for three months. This is proving to be an excellent location being central for everyone. We're able to play upto three games in the room.

Recently we've been trying out the Field of Glory rules with some mixed feelings, Some of our members are very much for it and others still prefer DBMM for ancient and Medieval wargaming.

Next Monday (the 29th June 2009) the main game will be a DBMM game of Timurids verses Mameluks at circa 400 points.

We meet Monday Starting between 6 pm and 7:30 and finishing circa 11 pm.

As well as the information on this site we also have a Yahoo group site, see the link on the left hand side of this site.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fuedal French v Fuedal Spanish

This was the second encounter between the Fuedal French (Robin) and Spanish (Ian) forces this time the spanish were led by El Cid ( a brillant general) played using the DBMM rules set

The Spanish won the agression dice choosing a river, Road, gentle hill (1/2 Fe) and vineyard. The French choose a road, 2FE steep hill, wood and Built up area. The River did not materialise as Ian rolled a 1 & 5. the reat of the features were placed as showen on the fiollowing map along with the initial placings of the commands.
The French first commands consisted of 7 Irregular knights Fast including CinC 4 Irr bow Inferior 2 Irr spear I 4 Irr Psiloi and a Regular artillery Ordinary bolt shooter. The second command consisted of 7 Irr knights F including general, 8 irr Spear I, 2 Irr bow I.

The Spanish first command consisted of El Cid Irr knight F, 7 Irr Psiloi O, 16 Irr Psiloi I, 4 Irr Bow I, 11 Irr Spear I, 2 Irr Blade O, and the cross Bagage Superior. the second command was 7 Irr knights F including general, and 4 Irr cavalry

As the French won the deployment dicing they deployed and moved first. Opening with a 6 knights of the 1st command forming a column of march and making a double move down the road also moving the bolt shooter and archers forward the second command wheel his knights on the right wing to ready his charge towards the Spanish 2nd command.

The Spanish replied by sending the knights of their 2nd command in a column of march down the road to meet the French resulting in the front elements in combat. The French open fire with their bolt shooter at the knight to no effect. But the resulting melee pushed back the Spanish knights.

The French knights expanded their column in the next bound to creat an overlap and brought their other knights forward with a double move to threaten the Spanish flank. After an ineffective round of combats. The Spanish used a brilliant stroke to double their pip points of their first command resulting in a general advance but not sufficient to bring their bows into range. the knights expanded their frontage on either side and their second rank of cavalry advanced to meet the threat of the French knights charging past the woods.
The following French 3rd bound was poor in terms of PIPa but saw the French CinC move into a position to meet the threat of the Spanish Foot along with the advance of 2 spear of the first command. The Knights of the 2nd command went into forward towards the Spanish Cavalry who had halted just out of range. However at this point the French caught sight of the Spanish Ambush behind the hill. This third command consisted of 4 Irr KN F including general and 3 Irr Light Horse O . No Missile fire took place as the their line of site was blocked by the abvancing knights of the second French command. The ensueing combats resulted in various push back on each side. The Spanish PIPs but enough to make 3 march moves with their third command and move some other units into a more threatening position. Again shooting was ineffective or unsighted the French won a melee or two.

Bound four saw the arrival of a French flank march on their left flank the movement of the art and bow towords the the Knights of the second command going into the Spanish 2nd command cavalry. The resulting combats causing losses on the Spanish side. The Spanish moved their 3rd command into a position to block the hole arising from the loss of their cavalry.
Bound 5 saw the arrival of a second French flank march this time on their right. The French moved Spear and bow from both commands to further counter the threat of the Spanish 1st command taking up positions along the road facing hill 1. The melee between the French Knights and the Spanish Cavalry resulted in them being destroyed. The see-sawing melee between the other knights saw an element loss on either side wiped them out causing that command to becoming dishearted. The spear of both the French commands took up postions to counter the Spanish foot.

So with the incoming French flank marches and the loss of the Spanish 2nd command and time as usual passing fast we agreed that the French had sucessfully ousted the Spanish invaders.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Relocation, Relocation.

The Club has relocated to a new venue in the cn=enrte of Huddersfield, next door to Patriot Games on Wood Street.
The rom is large enough to hold three or four separate games.
We tried it out last Monday with a three-a-side DBMM350 battle; Tumurid and Free Company Allies versus Post Mongol Japanese with Mongol Allies.
The game was very closely fought and resulted in a narrow victory to the Japanese.
Anyway, next weeks games are another 350AP game (Early Imperial Rome versus Sarmatia) and an ECW game using a free set of rules from The Perfect Captain (
Reports will follow.

Friday, 13 March 2009

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - The Armies

Fought between Ian and Robin on Friday 13th March 2009.
The armies involved were:

IV/42 Islamic Persian: 1x C-in-C Irr Cv (S), 9x Persian Cavalry Irr Cv (O), 2x Turcoman Irr LH (S), 8x Persian Archers Irr Bw (I), 1x Camp Followers Irr Hd (O) and 2x Camps Irr Bg (I).

IV/66 Later Polish: 1x C-in-C Irr Kn (O), 3x Rycerz Irr Kn (O), 4x Czeladz Irr Cv (O), 2x Axemen Irr Bd (F), 4x Town Militia Crossbows Reg Bw (O), 3x Lithuanian Cavalry Irr LH (O) and 1x Camp Irr Bg (O).

IV/74 Free Company: 1x English C-in-C Irr Kn (S), 4x English Gentlemen Reg Kn (I), 4x English Longbowmen Reg Bw (S), 3x Breton Javelinmen Irr Ps (S) and 2x Camps Irr Bg (O).

IV/75 Timurid: 1x C-in-C Reg Cv (S), 3x Timurid Cavalry Reg Cv (S), 4x Timurid Cavalry Reg Cv (O), 4x Timurid Archers Reg Bw (O), 4x Persian Militia Irr Bw (I) and 1x Camp Irr Bg (I).

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - 1st Semi

Semi-Final #1… Timurid (7) played by Ian vs. Later Polish (3) played by Robin. Fought in Poland; 3x woods.
The Timurid archers pressed strongly down their left flank and slew all in their path while the centre and right held position under a concentrated bow and Light horse attacks. The game ended before the Polish Knights struck a blow.
Lesson learnt: Get the Knights into combat against Cv as soon as possible.
Timurid Set Up:

Later Polish Set Up:

The Final Positions:

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - 2nd Semi

Semi-Final #2… Islamic Persian (3) played by Ian vs. Free Company (7) played by Robin. Fought in Persia; 1x gentle hill and 1x rough going.
The Free Company charged their knights into the massed Persian bow with disastrous effect. Meanwhile the stalwart and skilful English Longbowmen took care of many Persian cavalry. Things were looking well for the Persians until the English C-in-C carved his way through a column of cavalry to force hard a bloody victory.
Lesson learnt: Don’t charge mounted into archers (especially not Bw (S) ).
Islamic Persian Set Up:

Free Company Set Up:

The Final positions:

DBMM100 Mini-Tourney - Final

Final… Free Company (9) played by Ian vs. Timurid (1) played by Robin. Fought in Turkey; 2x steep hills.
A tale of woe for Timur’s Inferior bow as they fell and ran to the accurate longbows of the Free Company. His cavalry were caught in the open and chased down by the ‘Gentlemen’. As dusk fell the few survivors drifted away.
Lesson learnt: None really… when Lady Luck deserts you, there isn’t a thing you can do about it.!
Free Company Set Up:

Timurid Set Up:

The Final positions:

All in all a pretty good four hours of DBMM100 goodness…

Thursday, 5 March 2009

ACW Blog: Part I

I got a pack of 28mm scale plastic ACW Infantry from Perry for Christmas and am now getting round to assembling, painting, basing and playing with them.
Here are the contents of the box (the box itself has the painting guide and front artwork cut out and laid underneath); 3 sprues containing various bits and pieces to make 36 infantry figures… and a sheet containing some basic ryules with a couple of flags too.

Roughly three hours or so later, the 36 figures were assembled.
There are three commanders, two standards, one drummer and 30 other troopers.
I am going to buy at least one more pack of Infantry, probably two.

Here are the chappies in undercoated state. You may notice that I started the flesh on a few of them already.

Next step is to arrange them into three-man groups; this would give me 3x12-man units (just right for the rule system I intend to trial them with)...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

6mm Sarmatians - Part II

And here are some of the Cavalry and Knights.
I have run out of bases, so need to order some more to finish this lot off.
I have 1 element of Kn and umpteen Cv to do as yet, but they are actually quick to paint - which is a pleasant surprise as up until recently I was not overly keen on painting horses (in any scale). Now my technique has been finalised, it's much easier.
Obviously they're not as good most (especially Mr Baccus6mm and his chums), but they'll do for me =)

The Cavalry:

The Knights (based in "wedges" for ease of identification):

Final post on this blog will be the full army in all its spleandour...

Warmaster FB: Glade Riders

Here are the eight Glade Riders; Leader, Musician, Standard and 5 warriors. There are a mix of male and female amongst them (as there are with all units by the looks of it. Basic paint job with a few elaborations, simply to get them ready for a fight at some point soon.

The next posting will be the Glade Guard (4 out of 24 done, but they may well take a few weeks to complete) ...

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Warhammer FB: Dryads

The Dryads are extensions of the forest of Athel Loren.
They are strong, tough and have multiple attacks.
Unlike the walking trees, they are not overly suceptible to fire attacks (which is surprising as they resemble mobile kindling to me).
Here are the ones from the Battalion box; sealed, undercoated, painted, dippd and based...

Dryads emerge from the trees.!

And there are more.!

Next Blog: The Glade Riders...

Warhammer FB: Wood Elves Battalion

I got a Wood Elves Battalion box and an army book for Christmas on the back of a game I 'ran' for my cousin's hubby and his son.
The box contained millions of parts on sprues.
It took me the best part of a month (between doing other stuff) to assemble them.
There are:
8 Glade Riders (including leader, musician and standard bearer)
12 Dryads (including leader)
24 Glade Guards (including leader, musician and standard bearer).
I am seriously considering getting some metal figures from wherever to act as Lords and Heroes.
Next blog: The Dryads...

Friday, 6 February 2009

Warhammer FB: Introductions

I first encountered Warhammer Fantasy Battle in the early 1980’s while at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, at the Games Workshop store in the city. However, it was only after leaving and subsequently joining a club that I actually played the game.
I played the fantasy battle game (and its sister games) for many years, but as I grew older, I migrated onto the historical scene and dropped WFB like a brick as I came to view it as ‘childish’.
That attitude remained as the game grew in popularity and edition numbers, but of late, a few factors have led be to revisit the game.
Looking for a new fun ‘feel’ to my gaming, I considered the ‘fantasy game genre which is dominated by GW. At the same time, a number of other gamers (old and new) apparently had the same idea and so one thing led to another and I am now the proud owner of a battalion of Wood Elves.!
This Blog series will chart the development of my Wood Elf army; the collecting, painting and performance in battle.
Next blog; The Wood Elf Battalion...

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Boxer Rebellion Game report

Earlier this month we played a skirmish game using Ian’s superb Boxer Rebellion figures and a set of rules he’d created called “Days of Empire.”

The terrain was setup with a central temple occuppied by the Boxer rebels which were controlled by Ian this was two forces of around 7 figures each.

The rest of us were randomly given a team of figures and a mission. Teams can consist of between 1 and 8 figures, where applicable teams have a leader and a subordinate officer. Each figure is then allocated a expertise rating and addition abilities. Our teams are as follows along with further details of the terrain.

The Germans with a mission to search the temple. This team consisted of 4 firgures a Captain, a NCO and two trained troops. Their deployment zone was to the west of the temple behind some rocky ground. To the north of them were some marshes and to their south was a hill and beyond that was a fenced field in the south wes corner.

To the south of the temple was a avenued approach road to the temple with fenced field to the south west at the far south west of this field the British Marines were deployed.

They had a captain and Sergent with three troopers. Their mission was to save Professor Saunders. Who at this stage of the game no one knew where he was.

To the east of the road was another field with hedges for its boundary. In it' south east corner was where the Tiger Men entered the afray.
Thay had a mission to capture Professor Saunders, and consisted of a five figure team

Moving round to the east was open ground and some more trees. in the north east corner was another building with a field on its western side.

The US Marines entered on the north side of the table. Their mission was to capture the German captain. This team was made up of five figures.

Initiative is determined by using a deck of cards which are issued to teams, leaders, elites, and figures with an alert characteristic. The highest card goes first, this provides a great means of mixing up which character or unit that is in play. The card can also be held and used to gain initiative at a later stage if desired. Imitative can also be seized if a figure passes within 4” of an unengaged figure.

I commenced by moving towards the temple. The Imperial Chinese attacked the temple also The British not knowing where the Professor was decided to attack the Germans. The Americans moved round towards the rear of the Germans, whilst the Boxers erupted from the temple killing a German and attack the British and Chinese forces. However the Boxers were driven back by the British, Chinese Imperial and German forces. The Boxers made their escape with the Professor, hotly pursued by the Chinese who with some good shooting slowed them down sufficiently to capture the Professor. The British mean while continued to attack the Germans, when the Americans came in intent on capturing the German leader shoot one of the Germans and a British Marine.
Soon after the US Marines subdued the German leader and attempted to make there escape but were hindered by the remaining German NCO and the advancing British.

This was an excellent game and we look forward to another game sometime.

Friday, 16 January 2009

6mm Sarmatians - Part I

I got an amry pack of Sarmatians from Baccus6mm for Christmas.
They were initially requested as an army for Field of Glory as I had hoped to read them over the hols. But things didn't work out (do they ever.?).
So, now I'm just painting them up and basing them for DBMM (or some other derivitive) to determine exactly what I have.
I started with the Psiloi as they were the easiest...

Then I did the Light Horse because they were easy too...

Next are a few bases of Cavalry, then I may have go at some Knughts before painting up a few Generals bases...

Friday, 9 January 2009

Nicopolis at Recon 2006

The Wallachains...

Wallachians versus Turks with Serbs just arriving...

The Ottoman Turks on top of their hill...

French versus Turks...

French emerge from the woods...

View of the battle from above the Turks camp...

Monday, 5 January 2009

2009 Tasks

Happy New Year.!

Over the next month or so, I intend to post the photos and write-ups from our past demo games.

The main reason for this is to give any viewers a better idea of what we do as a club. These photos are on our KC Yahoo Group ( but one must register to view them, which could put some people off.

Another reason is to make more use of this blog. We have no web-site, so this blog (and the Yahoo Group) should complement each other; one as a display and the other as a working communication centre.