Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog - Part 5

Here are the last two photos of figures for my skirmish game that will accompnany an RPG using the Savage Worlds system.

The second group of Boxers (might put a rifleman in each set of 7)....

and Professor Sanders, the kidnap victim...

I shall post a report of the game at some point in January. I expect the game to be held on the 7th Jan 2009, but things might change...


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog - Part 4

Here are the five US Marines who will be taking part in the game...

So next are another 7 Boxers, then I should be ready for the scenario which is getting quite imminent.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ian's Blog -6-

Finished the last of Bob's AWI figures and passed them on to Guy for basing.

The 5 US marines for my Boxer Rebellion project have been completed (photo pending), so another set of 7 or so actual Chinese Boxers should see me with enough groups for a 6-player game.

Decided to purchase most of my 15mm Napoleonic's from Dragon Painting Services in Hong Kong (pre-painted AB or Essex). I got a unit of 24 German Grenadiers and was well pleased with them. The cost will be a little more than I would like to have paid, but this can easily be offset when you consider the saving in time and effort which I can now devote on other projects.

My next concern after completing the Boxers to a satisfactory stage, are a number of 28mm Teutonic knights which I am going to paint-up to sell early next year.

Cheers for now

Targe 2008

Well, it's been a while coming, and probably not worth the wait if the truth be told, but here goes =)

Following are a few hotos I took at the Targe show.

We ended up having a couple of games using the "England Expects..." rules that I wrote for the bi-centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar back in 2005. This time they performed adequately for an American War of Independence naval engagement scenario based around the French attempt to resupply American forces in Massachsetts in 1781.

The rules are very fluid and realistic enough to allow national characteristics.

The games ended in a win and loss for both sides.

We enjoyed it and it appears to have been well received.

Roll on next year.