Sunday, 28 September 2008

Ian’s Boxer Rebellion Blog

This year I am running a Victorian era role-playing game for the Huddersfield University Games Society (HUGS), which at some point will involve itself with the early stages of the Boxer Rebellion. I will be using the “Savage Worlds” system for the wargame aspect as well as the role-playing as it allows specific characteristics and special abilities.

Although not strictly KC Group related, it could well be – as a future project using the “A Good Day To Die” rules. Regardless, it has proved to rekindle my painting interest and will also help to break up any monotony of my many other painting projects.

This Blog will mostly deal with the painting aspects of the project.

I bought about 50 odd figures of various nationalities and am painting them up as follows:

  • British Royal Marine Light Infantry (4 + leader)
  • Optional British Royal Welch Fusiliers (3 + leader)
  • German Seabataillon (3 + leader)
  • US Marine Corps (4 + leader)
  • Optional US Marine Corps Machinegun + 2 crew.
  • Manchu ten nai (Tiger Men) (4 + leader)
  • Chinese Boxers (6 + leader)
  • More Chinese Boxers (6 + leader)
  • Chinese Boxer Hero (1)

The sourcebook I used is the Osprey Men-At-Arms Series No.95: THE BOXER REBELLION.

I have already painted and partially based the Royal Marines and the Manchu troops, and started on the Seabataillon. Photos will follow when each batch is completed.

Cheers... Ian.

Here are a couple of photos - not the best presentation, but it gives an idea.

The Manchu Tigermen...

The British Marines...

As you can see, there were a lot of blue jackets around at the time; in addition to the above, The Americans, Italians and Japanese all wore blue.

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