Thursday, 25 September 2008

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Here is where I will be charting the progress of my many wargaming related projects; from 15mm Xyston Spartans to 'pan-scrubber' trees.!
The next entry will include the (current) full list ...

And here it is...

Painting Tasks (percentage completed)
25mm Boxer Rebellion forces for 2008/9 (2%). For a personal project I'm working on using the "A Good Day To Die" skirmish rules.
10mm Kalistra Medieval forces for 2010 (0%). For the Grunwald/Tannenberg/Krzyzacy game.
15mm Feudal Spanish (50%). For DBMM
15mm Spartan (10%). For DBMM
15mm Assyrian (20%). For DBMM
15mm Austrian Napoleonics – Old Stock to sell (65%).
15mm Austrian Napoleonics – New Stock to keep (0%). For the General de Brigade rules.
15mm French Napoleonics for 2012 (1%). For the Borodino game.
Rebase 28mm Dark Age (10%). For use with Bretwalda and Blood-Axe (see later)
25mm Jacobite (0%). For another personal project I have in mind

Other Tasks (percentage completed)
Write RPG Scenario (95%). For my game at HUGS (
Write Blood Axe for 2008/9 (10%). A Dark Age Skirmish game.
Write Krzyzacy for 2010 (10%). This will be a medieval variant of Bretwalda.
Rewrite Bretwalda (20%). Our Dark Age rules set.
Make more sponge trees (0%). I use cheap sponges and pluck out for the tree shapes..
Make more wire trees (0%). I use old pan-scrubbers, wire, masking tape and paint.
Convert PK to a 2d6 system (0%). Not sure there's any need for this in reality, but it was an idea I had to get away from the unrealistic (in my opinion) single die troll.

I will try and deal with these individually on separate threads, but just let me know if you think I'm taking over the KC Blog =)

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Ian Whte said...

And again, I am using the 'comment' option to add extra little bits rather than amending the main body of text.
First of all, I missed off the entry for the 28mm AWI "casualty" markers. These are required for Targe in a month's time. I am doing 6 for the Americans and Bob is doing about 6 to 12 for the Brits (the Brits are the aggressors so are likely to get 'bloodied' a little more than the retreating yanks.