Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog - Part 5

Here are the last two photos of figures for my skirmish game that will accompnany an RPG using the Savage Worlds system.

The second group of Boxers (might put a rifleman in each set of 7)....

and Professor Sanders, the kidnap victim...

I shall post a report of the game at some point in January. I expect the game to be held on the 7th Jan 2009, but things might change...


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog - Part 4

Here are the five US Marines who will be taking part in the game...

So next are another 7 Boxers, then I should be ready for the scenario which is getting quite imminent.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ian's Blog -6-

Finished the last of Bob's AWI figures and passed them on to Guy for basing.

The 5 US marines for my Boxer Rebellion project have been completed (photo pending), so another set of 7 or so actual Chinese Boxers should see me with enough groups for a 6-player game.

Decided to purchase most of my 15mm Napoleonic's from Dragon Painting Services in Hong Kong (pre-painted AB or Essex). I got a unit of 24 German Grenadiers and was well pleased with them. The cost will be a little more than I would like to have paid, but this can easily be offset when you consider the saving in time and effort which I can now devote on other projects.

My next concern after completing the Boxers to a satisfactory stage, are a number of 28mm Teutonic knights which I am going to paint-up to sell early next year.

Cheers for now

Targe 2008

Well, it's been a while coming, and probably not worth the wait if the truth be told, but here goes =)

Following are a few hotos I took at the Targe show.

We ended up having a couple of games using the "England Expects..." rules that I wrote for the bi-centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar back in 2005. This time they performed adequately for an American War of Independence naval engagement scenario based around the French attempt to resupply American forces in Massachsetts in 1781.

The rules are very fluid and realistic enough to allow national characteristics.

The games ended in a win and loss for both sides.

We enjoyed it and it appears to have been well received.

Roll on next year.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Aquilonian Civil War: Part 1

Right Chaps, here's a new blog subject, set within a fantastical place I have held near and dear for many many years; Robert Erwin Howard's Hyborian Age.
These posts will present the rules for and progression of a play-by-email try game based around the Aquilonian Civil War, which historically saw Conan (a mere barbarian) defeat (slay) King Numedides to become ruler of the most powerful Western Nation of the time.
Here's the spoiler...

"In 1287 AA, Count Trocero of Poitain convinced general Conan to head a rebellion against the tyrant King Numedides. Over the course of the next 8 months, Aquilonia is plunged into a bloody civil war. This is the story of one possible outcome of that conflict..."

The game will commence some time in the New Year of 2009 - hopefully.
Future posts will set out the Troop Types, Basic Rules, Game Map, Player Info, etc.
Once the game begins, I'll endeavour to maintain a weekly game turn sequence.
I anticipate the game will suit two groups of up to four Players per side; the Loyalists and the Rebels. Opportunity for betrayal is possible, but not encouraged.!

Watch out for the next post...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog: Part 3.

Got the first group of Boxers completed - a leader and 6 men.
Here they are...

I have also purchased another 50+ figures off eBay (30+ Boxers and about 17 other nationalities), so it looks like there may well be scope for a larger scale game at some point. Oh yes, I also got some "armed" civilians too.!

Next on the painting table are the 5 US marines. I had a closer look at them as I undercoated them and they are all in "shirtsleeve order" so no blue jackets, which is good - no chance of confusing them with the Tigermen and/or British Marines.

I have considered painting up the US machine-gun team too (which will probably be prudent if a larger game with around 50 Boxers is in the offing), but that will wait until the second batch of Boxers is complete.

You may have noticed that I also tried a new basing technique using cat litter and sand. Didn't quite work out right - over did it with the cat litter. Next time, I'll not use as much (sprinkle bits on rather than dip the pva-loaded base in the stuff). Still, it's always fun to experiment.!


Monday, 13 October 2008

Ian's Blog -5-

Completed the two 'falling down' casualties for the AWI game; One in hunting shirt and the other in regular uniform. They don't look too bad. The bases might need a bit more work than the 'prone' chaps.

Also did a little more work on the first batch of 7 Boxers too; a mix of coloured jackets and trousers to show their irregularity.! Should have them finished this week easy =)

Then it's back on the 15mm Austrians and / or Frenchies.

Oh yes, and I want to do a "How To..." for my pan-scrubber trees.


Friday, 10 October 2008


I had to write a little infill piece tonight because it has been a week since our last one.
A few things to report:

Napoleonics in 15mm: We are continuing our enjoyment of the General de Brigade rules this coming Monday by introducing a few version 3 rule suggestions (see the GdB site).

AWI in 28mm: Not sure how Bob has gone on this week, but I should finish the last 2 American casualties this weekend.

More Napoleonics: Rupe has started an interesting (and inspirational) blog here...
Well,that should be enough for now.


Friday, 3 October 2008

British Grenadier and the impending deadline...

Blinking Flip!

I have only just realised, much to my chagrin, that we are actually in October, meaning that Targe is now less than a month away, and I still have "some" (many!) AWI Brits to paint. Adrian asked me the other week if everything was ready and I casually said "yeah, yeah, everything's in hand..."

How in the name of Christmas did I manage to lose a month...? In my youth I could, and did, regularly lose big chunks of time - there was that time when a weekend in Glasgow for a comic convention turned into a (somewhat hazy) month long stay (but that's a story for another time)

What to do, what to do!!!? first off, I think some kind of panic is in order:


Panic over.

Time for a pep talk, replete with the inevitable chastening cliche (or two): I've got to grab this problem by the scruff of the neck! There's no point in crying about spilt Lilt! That particular ship has not only sailed, it has reached its destination, unloaded, been re-fitted, re-loaded and is now on its way back...!!

That worked, I feel much better now!

Right, the plan.

First off, buy some more figures; nothing focuses the mind more than adding yet more lead to the unpainted Eiger of AWI goodness I already have! Robin has kindly agreed to pick up whatI need at the show in Derby tomorrow, so all being well I should have that on Monday. In the meantime, I have a free weekend to make considerable in-roads into my existing lead. The Hesssian Jaegers are just about finished, with only some detailing to do so I'll get them out of the way first. The 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers all have their basecoats, so a few highlights and a wash will sort them out.

Later Today... The army roster, and a list of everything to do..

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ian's Boxer Rebellion Blog: Part 2

Here are the next few figures.
It's the Germans.!
Only 4 of these - including the leader (the bloke holding his arm up and, I assume, shouting "Halt!" or some such command.
Anyway, here they are...

Still to come: the US Marines (5 nr.) and the Boxers themselves (15 nr.).
That would give us enough for a six-player game.
Then if needs be, I can paint up the Welch Fusiliers and the US Marine MG team at short notice (1 week should be enough) if there are more players in the game.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bob's Picton Project (Napoleonic GdB) Part II

Hi again,

In a slight change of plan I decided to, rather than just getting the figures for the first 2 brigades, order the figures required for the entire division; justifying this by telling myself that it made sense to have something different to paint, in this case the blue coats of the Portuguese, if I got tired of painting lots of red...
Selecting the British was pretty straight forward, with the only difficult choice being which pose to get! As nice as the firing line poses are, they don't, in my opinion, make for a particularly realistic set up on the table unless they're within musket range of the French, so with this in mind I opted for the, much more utilitarian, marching pose instead. So, on to the Portuguese, which turned out to be a bit less straight forward than I'd anticipated. Looking at the available figure choices at I was confronted with the option of troops in stovepipe shakos or troops in barretinas! At this point the sum of my knowledge of the Portuguese didn't go much beyond the colour of their coats. The lure of an easy paint job had me thinking "hell, just get the figures in stovepipes", but then the (slight) retentive in me thought "knowing my luck some (even more retentive) self-proclaimed expert, at a show will pillory my inclusion of stovepipe hatted Portuguese because they didn't come into use until 1813 , or whenever...." A quick flick through the bumper book of napoleonic goodness (Haythornthwaite) revealed that the stovepipe style shako wasn't introduced until 1811, possibly to regularize the silhouette of friendly troops at a distance (my mind immediately strayed to a drill sergeant holding up a large card with a silhouette of an Old Guard, "No laddie, these are not your friends..."). Anyway, back to the task at hand; it seems that Barretinas are the headgear of choice for my 1810 Division. They have coloured cords so will take more time to paint than the stovepipes but will, along with their blue coats, make them quite distinct from their British comrades. After this "taxing" exercise I was pleased to discover that they were only available in "order arms" pose, so I added 3x 30 man battalions to my order and that was that.

Next time..
I research colour schemes; facing colours, tartans etc..

Ian’s Boxer Rebellion Blog

This year I am running a Victorian era role-playing game for the Huddersfield University Games Society (HUGS), which at some point will involve itself with the early stages of the Boxer Rebellion. I will be using the “Savage Worlds” system for the wargame aspect as well as the role-playing as it allows specific characteristics and special abilities.

Although not strictly KC Group related, it could well be – as a future project using the “A Good Day To Die” rules. Regardless, it has proved to rekindle my painting interest and will also help to break up any monotony of my many other painting projects.

This Blog will mostly deal with the painting aspects of the project.

I bought about 50 odd figures of various nationalities and am painting them up as follows:

  • British Royal Marine Light Infantry (4 + leader)
  • Optional British Royal Welch Fusiliers (3 + leader)
  • German Seabataillon (3 + leader)
  • US Marine Corps (4 + leader)
  • Optional US Marine Corps Machinegun + 2 crew.
  • Manchu ten nai (Tiger Men) (4 + leader)
  • Chinese Boxers (6 + leader)
  • More Chinese Boxers (6 + leader)
  • Chinese Boxer Hero (1)

The sourcebook I used is the Osprey Men-At-Arms Series No.95: THE BOXER REBELLION.

I have already painted and partially based the Royal Marines and the Manchu troops, and started on the Seabataillon. Photos will follow when each batch is completed.

Cheers... Ian.

Here are a couple of photos - not the best presentation, but it gives an idea.

The Manchu Tigermen...

The British Marines...

As you can see, there were a lot of blue jackets around at the time; in addition to the above, The Americans, Italians and Japanese all wore blue.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Bob's Picton Project (Napoleonic GdB)


As our group's current focus is on Napoleonics, and the General de Brigade rules, I thought I'd chip in with a bit about what I'm proposing to do, Napoleonics-wise.
Until a couple of years ago my knowledge of Napoleonics started, and stopped, with the Waterloo movie, and it wasn't until a couple of the club members mentioned the Napoleonic Principles of War rules that I actually took any real interest in the period. I decided, initially, just to "dip my toe" into Napoleonics, and picked up a couple of "easy" reads; Mark Urban's Rifles, and Adam Zamoyski's 1812: Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow. Both are great books, and I found myself becoming interested in putting together a wargames army for both the British and the Russians; unfortunately, the PoW rules weren't, for me, the greatest and failed to fire my imagination. So, for the time being, that was that!
After the initial interest in PoW had waned, we found ourselves playing AWI battles, using the British Grenadier! rules. Here was a ruleset that grabbed my imagination, and I was quite excited to discover that they were derived from a successful set of Napoleonic rules; General De Brigade. I ordered a copy, read through them, then set to convincing the others in our group that they were worth trying out. Our games so far have involved a mix of nationalities; Russians, Prussians, French & Austrians - with 2 or 3 players contribuitng all of the figures.
Anyway, the rules played as well as they read and I decided, after some deliberation and consideration, to start with a British Peninsular force - I reckoned this would give me a nice mix of troops with the opportunity to field some Portuguese Battalions and some Rifle companys as well as British Redcoats, giving me a nice mix of troop types, grades and uniform colours. From a miniatures perspective I was more than happy to go for Peninsular Brits - the small numbers of cavalry meant I wouldn't have to paint lots of horses (a pet hate of mine) and I preferred the aesthetics of the Stovepipe Shako over the Belgic shako - silly perhaps, but a definite consideration if you're facing the prospect of painting hundreds of figures...!
I managed to pick up Haythornthwaite's Napoleonic Source book - known affectionately in our group as the "bumper book of Napoleonic goodness", and borrowed a couple of Osprey titles - the most useful of which is Wellington's Army in the Peninsula 1809-14 from Osprey's Battle Orders series (thanks Robin). After reading this I've decided to assemble Wellington's 3rd division - The Fighting Division - as it was under Maj. Gen. Sir Thomas Picton circa February 1810. This was to be the core of my force, and I decided I'd research any cavalry and artillery that might have been attached, at a later date.
The organisation is fairly straight forward, and pretty much follows the pattern, as I understand it, of the rest of the Peninsular army.
Anyway, without further ado, here's my interpretation, in General de Brigade terms, of The Fighting Division.

CinC - Maj. Gen. Sir Thomas Picton

Mackinnon's Brigade

1st/45th (Nottinghamshire) - 30 figs
1st/74th (Highlanders) Light Infantry - 40 Figs
1st/88th (Connaught Rangers - "The Devil's own") 30 figs

Lightburn's Brigade

2nd/5th (Northumberland) - 30 figs
2nd/83rd - 30 figs
5th/60th Rifles - 3x Coys - 12 figs? (I'm still having slight difficulties following GdB's Coy sizes)

Champelimaud (Portuguese)

1st/9th (Viana) - 30 figs
2nd/9th (Viana) - 30 figs
1st/21st (Valenca) - 30 figs

I'm still figuring out the gradings for these troops, and the battalion sizes may well change as I do more research. I think though, that this division makes an excellent starting point whilst leaving room to add further units at a later date - For example, I know the Portuguese brigade had some Cacadores, the 12th I think, in 1812.

This division will be assembled using AB figures, and I'm hoping to stay disciplined enough to paint it up a Brigade at a time!! I have 2 battalions worth of figures already, and will be placing an order with Fighting15s for enough to do the first 2 brigades (and officers) over the weekend.

thanks for reading
Bob Mcleish

Friday, 26 September 2008

Robin's page


This is my first attempt at blogging.

I joined the Kirklees Crusaders nigh on two years ago after meeting them at a couple of shows.

I started wargaming when I got some 25 mm Hinchcliffe Napoleonic figures and used the WRG rules Rupes already mentioned. Took a break after Polytechnic and only came back to the past time after my sons got my figures out of the roof.

I have a 15mm Timurid Army 1370 to 1305 when Timur (Tamerlane) conquered most of the peoples around the middle east - Golden Horde, Georgians, Turkomans, Ottomans, Hindus. Marmaluks. etc.

We propose once we've found sufficient material to do a Demo game of the Battle of Delhi 1398.

Rupert's Napoleonic blog

After playing many different Napoleonic wargame rules over the years (WRG 1685-1845, Grandmanner, Principles of War etc) I am pleased to say I've finally settled (I'm sure I say that every time) on some rules - General De Brigade. Having played these a few times with the group it looks like we are all happy with the rules. Over the next few months I shall use this section to post pics and updates on my (attempted) re-creation of the Saxon 'army' August 1813.
But for now here are details of next weeks game. It is a vague point based post mid 1813 'fictionalish' encounter game of Saxon with Austrian (imagine they didn't change sides post Russia) allies vrs Prussia with GB allies (imagine they sent more than a rocket crew).
I shall be fielding: (won't mention the quality just yet as I would like to surprise the Prussians ;-)
Saxon 'Division'. (July 1813)
C in C Edler von Lecoq
1st Inf Brigade.
GdB: von Brausse
Lieb Grendier Garde (32)
Prinz Maximilian 1st battalion (32)
Von Rechten 2nd battalion (32)
1st light battalion (von Lecoq) (30)
Jager Corps (6)
Attached divisional foot battery (line) 4 x 6pdrs

Heavy Cavalry Brigade (hypothetical - reformed to 1812 pre Russia formation)
GdB: Baron von Thielmann (imagine he didn't defect to Russia !)
Leib K├╝rassiere Garde* (2sqds - 16men)
Prinz Albrecht Chevauzlegers (4 sqds - 24 men)
2nd horse battery 2x 6pdrs

* Includes remnants of Zastrow's Kurassiere

And the Austrians (Ian) are fielding:
Hesse Homberg's (partly depleted) Brigade:
Infantry Regiment Nr.2 (2x48 figure Btns)
Hungarian Grenadier Batt.(36 figures)
Foot Arty. 4x6lb guns

Schmelzer's (much depleted) Brigade:
Dragoon Regiment Nr.1 (12 figures)
Chevauleger Regiment Nr.3 (12 figures)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ian's Blog

Here is where I will be charting the progress of my many wargaming related projects; from 15mm Xyston Spartans to 'pan-scrubber' trees.!
The next entry will include the (current) full list ...

And here it is...

Painting Tasks (percentage completed)
25mm Boxer Rebellion forces for 2008/9 (2%). For a personal project I'm working on using the "A Good Day To Die" skirmish rules.
10mm Kalistra Medieval forces for 2010 (0%). For the Grunwald/Tannenberg/Krzyzacy game.
15mm Feudal Spanish (50%). For DBMM
15mm Spartan (10%). For DBMM
15mm Assyrian (20%). For DBMM
15mm Austrian Napoleonics – Old Stock to sell (65%).
15mm Austrian Napoleonics – New Stock to keep (0%). For the General de Brigade rules.
15mm French Napoleonics for 2012 (1%). For the Borodino game.
Rebase 28mm Dark Age (10%). For use with Bretwalda and Blood-Axe (see later)
25mm Jacobite (0%). For another personal project I have in mind

Other Tasks (percentage completed)
Write RPG Scenario (95%). For my game at HUGS (
Write Blood Axe for 2008/9 (10%). A Dark Age Skirmish game.
Write Krzyzacy for 2010 (10%). This will be a medieval variant of Bretwalda.
Rewrite Bretwalda (20%). Our Dark Age rules set.
Make more sponge trees (0%). I use cheap sponges and pluck out for the tree shapes..
Make more wire trees (0%). I use old pan-scrubbers, wire, masking tape and paint.
Convert PK to a 2d6 system (0%). Not sure there's any need for this in reality, but it was an idea I had to get away from the unrealistic (in my opinion) single die troll.

I will try and deal with these individually on separate threads, but just let me know if you think I'm taking over the KC Blog =)